Welcome to Trio + Heating! To get you started, we have put together a few simple steps to help give you complete control over your heating and energy as quickly as possible.

Trio + Heating includes an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android, voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and a simple user interface on the display device. Trio + Heating provides unparalleled understanding of your whole home energy consumption as well as control over your heating and hot water.

What's getting installed?

Your installer will be adding three pieces of geo hardware to your property;

The Trio

The Sensor

The Switch

These are the devices that make up your Trio + Heating system. Each device is explained in more detail under the "hardware overview" section of this guide and will be controlled via your "geo home" app...

Getting the app:

Once your installer is setting up your equipment, you'll need to download the geo Home App. This can be found either on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Creating an account

Once downloaded, open your new geo home app and begin to create an account on the app by entering your email address.

The app will recognise that your account has not yet been registered with geo and will walk you through the steps of creating an account, this will include a validation process where the app will send you an email with a link to verify your account. Please do check your junk mailbox in case you have not received anything when prompted. Once verified, you will be able to move onto the next steps.

Click here for the step by step process of creating an account.

Linking with Trio Display

Once your account is created, you will need to link your new geo account with your Trio Display. This is to ensure that your app is displaying the correct information from your Display.

Follow the steps in the app which will walk you through the linking process, which will begin with connecting your Trio to WiFi and entering the unique linking code on the display.

Click here for the step by step process of linking your Trio Display with your account.

Using the Amazon Alexa Skill:

After your Trio is linked, if you have an Amazon Alexa, you can search for use Trio + Heating with voice control.

Search for the “geo Smart Heating” skill in the Alexa skills store and follow the linking instructions in the app.

Events can be triggered with some simple commands:

“Alexa, set temperature in Bedroom to 19 degrees.” 

"Alexa, set Living to 22 degrees." 

"Alexa, turn on Hot Water." 

A full list of commands for this skill can be found here

Your Home Overview

Now you have completed the geo home app setup! Your installer will now complete the setup by placing your sensors in your chosen locations, wiring your switch in line with your boiler and setting your zones within the geo home app.

Following installation, you will be greeted with the below home screen.

The home screen gives a quick and easy breakdown of both your energy consumption and the status of your zones. In the above image, the zones are labelled as [ Heating ] and [ Hot Water ] and shows both the current temperature, next event scheduled and whether Away mode is active.

Click here for more information about the geo home app and an overview of its main screens.

Hardware - Overview

The Trio
The Sensor
The Switch

Your Trio Display will help you manage and visualise your energy – helping you on the way to optimum energy efficiency and maximum cost savings.

The Trio shows energy use for electricity and gas smart meters and will have been configured to work with the meters you have installed. The electricity data provided is live, whilst the gas updates every 30 minutes.

 The Trio will also display your current heating event, target temperature and next scheduled event on the "now" screen.

The power supply has been made exclusively for the Trio Display and must not be used with other devices. We always recommend leaving the power supply in place.

The Sensor is a battery powered, wireless temperature sensor.

We recommend that the sensor is located away from heat sources, direct sunlight and draughts i.e. not next to windows / open doors. This will enable your system to report the most accurate temperature.

The Switch is the device that turns your boiler on and off, following the schedule that you've set. The switch will be installed close to your boiler.

With the centre button, you can place your system into override giving you the ability to revert to your original heating controls if required.

Setting your budget

To help you manage your energy efficiently, you will be able to set your monthly budget for both Gas and Electricity. The app will then keep you informed as to how you are performing against your budget. To set your budget, enter the [ More Menu ] of the app and select [ Budget ].  Select from either [ Monthly electricity budget ] or [ Monthly gas budget ] and enter your budget accordingly.

For more help with budget settings, click here.

Setting Heating and Hot Water Schedules

The geo home app helps you manage your heating times with profiles and schedules. These are a useful way of ensuring that you have full control of your heating and that you only have the heating on at your desired times.

Your Trio + Heating comes with two default profiles; a Weekday and Weekend profile. These can be found in: [ More Menu ] > [ Schedules ] > [ Select zone ] > [ Your daily profiles ]. These profiles have pre-defined times built in telling the system when to turn your heating on or off and you can assign a different profile to each day of the week.

You can also create your own schedules. Add a new profile by selecting [ More Menu ] > [ Schedules ] > [ Select zone ] >    [ Add a new profile ]. Simply give the desired profile a name and either tap the time you want your heating to turn on or press the [+] sign this will then bring up a window for you to set your preferred times and temperatures.

Click here for more information around setting schedules.

Adjusting your heating and hot water without affecting your schedules:

If you would like to adjust your heating without affecting your schedules, then the geo home app gives you the ability to create events without which will apply for one hour. This is great if you are finding the temperature in your house isn't quite where you'd like it and you want to adjust it without impacting your usual schedule. To do so, select the zone you would like to heat from the [ Your Home ] screen and adjust the temperature dial accordingly. Select [ Confirm ] and the app will advise that the change has taken place for one hour. After the hour, the heating behaviour will revert to your current schedule.

Click here for more information on how to add events without affecting your schedules.

Activating Away mode

If you don’t like to have your heating or water heater on whilst you’re away, the Away mode function is the simplest and easiest way to maintain a low temperature across all rooms without a need to turn the heating off completely. This feature allows you to save money and energy when you are not at home, and moreover, it will continue to protect your pipes from freezing. 

Away mode can be applied to both your heating and hot water or you can decide which part of your system to put into Away mode.

To put your system into away mode, select the [ More Menu ]. Here you will find [ Away mode ].

Turn on Away mode by selecting the toggle for heating or hot water and confirm by tapping [ Save Changes ] button appears. By tapping on it, you turn on Away mode. Please be aware that Away mode will remain in place until you go back and revert the settings.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only have hot water control if you have a hot water tank.

For further information on away mode, please click here.

Technical Specifications

For technical specifications on the Trio + Heating product, please find our solution article here.

Support Articles and Trio FAQs

- Why isn't my display showing any information? 

If your display shows "Awaiting data", this could be because your Trio Display is out of range and not able to communicate with the smart meter. Try moving your display closer to the smart meter. The installer will help you find the best placement.

If problems persist, please contact your supplier.

-  System Status shows a cloud error

When the system status screen shows the cloud symbol in red, this means one of the following:

- Your cloud account has not been configured

- Your display is unable to access the cloud service - please check your home broadband connection.

- The Cloud service is temporarily offline.

- My display is blank or has switched itself off. 

The display backlight may have turned itself off to save power, press one of the touch buttons or touch the screen to switch it back on. This setting can be changed under settings.

If you are using batteries to power the Display, the batteries may have gone flat. The battery icon will be shown when operating on battery power. The running time is approximately four hours. Reconnect to the mains adapter or replace the batteries, however we recommend that the display is powered continuously using the power supply provided.

- How do you put your heating in standby outside of the Heating season? 

We recommend using the away mode feature to put your heating in standby, by selecting [ More Menu  > Away Mode ] you will be able to choose between on / off for your heating and hot water. These changes will remain in place until you adjust them back again.

Click here to view our helpful solution articles for the Trio + Heating product.