Auto away mode uses the location of your Android or iOS device to determine if you are far enough away from your house to turn off your heating.

As auto away mode uses the device’s location, Apple and Android require we ask permission to use your device’s location for the feature. It is automatically set to off for each device (a device can be a mobile phone or tablet). Only opt-in devices that you that you wish to use the auto away mode feature.

Users with a mobile phone may want to enable auto away mode on their device so that the heating turns off when the system detects it has left the home. For a tablet that normally stays in the house, auto away mode should not be enabled. 

You can enable this feature by  [ More Menu ] > [ Away mode ] > [ Auto away mode ].


If there are two users in a household, but only one has turned auto away mode on, the heating will be turned off automatically when they leave the auto away mode radius around set the home.

To ensure the heating stays on when individuals leave the home, both users will need to enable the auto away mode on their devices.

When both users have auto away mode enabled and the system detects either user is within the auto away mode radius, it will turn the heating back on.

Only opt-in devices that you wish to use auto away mode, for example everyone in the house who use a mobile phone will probably want to turn on auto away mode for their device; for a tablet that normally stays in the house auto away mode should not be turned on.