You should now see a new icon for both your heating and hot water zones. This will allow you to create a temporary heating or hot water event directly from the trio+ home screen.

When creating a temporary heating or hot water event the duration is automatically set to one hour.

To create a temporary heating event simply tap the + symbol, select your desired temperature and tap save. Once you see the + symbol replaced with the gas symbol your heating will now be on for an hour. The principle for hot water is the same as heating.


You can see example below of both heating and hot water.

Handy tip #1: Feeling too hot? Select your zone, tap the + symbol and adjust the temperature down. This will turn your heating off for an hour unless your zone falls below that temperature.

Handy tip #2: As a reminder if you have more than one zone, (heating or hot water), you can tap anywhere within the rounded square to select the next zone.